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Our therapists and psychiatrists have a variety of experience, credential, licensing, and area(s) of expertise. See the biographies below to find the therapist that is right for you.

Staff Biographies
Rasha Moslemani.png

Rasha Moslemani, Licensed Professional Counselor


As a psychotherapist I have worked with students of all ages, grades 6-12 for quite some time and I have broadened my horizons to provide support to adults who seek change and stability in their lives. My only goal is to provide my clients a safe haven, a place where they can feel comfortable enough to disclose their personal issues. Therapy is a place where my clients can trust me enough to provide them with the courage, guidance, and support they need to begin to learn how to battle their struggles with ease.

I am passionate about helping our community with all of their psychological disorders and mental health needs. I see clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, Substance Abuse, physical and emotional trauma, mood and personality disorders, ADHD, grief and self harm along with suicidal ideations and many other life changes.

Alfred Spitzer.jpg

Alfred Spitzer, MS, LLP, LMSW, CAADC


Alfred graduated from Eastern Michigan University where he obtained his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. He is a long standing member of the Michigan Psychological Association and also The American Group Psychotherapy Association. He has over 35 years experience working with consumers who have serious mental health problems such as depression, grief and loss issues, anger management, interpersonal relationships, bipolar illness, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders. He also deals with chemical dependency and addictions. His style of treatment uses a cognitive behavioral approach and places emphasis on empathy skills. He works primarily with adults and is very aware also of resources in the community. Al is committed to making consumers feel comfortable in the session and often provides helpful handouts to accelerate the progress in therapy. He has a limited license in psychology, and is a certified social worker, and has certification as an alcohol and drug specialist. He attends workshops throughout the year to stay on the cutting edge of new treatment strategies.


Shauntai Davis-Yeargen


​Shauntai is a wife, mother, a woman that has come a long way in life, by pushing past self-defeat, struggles, and battles. In order to pursue a better life, higher education, and career that best suits my attributes, personality, and interest of helping others in mental distress I am so grateful to have been trusted by so many individuals in their most vulnerable state of mind. It isn’t easy to trust another with the most intimate details of your life. I too have been on the other side requiring help and guidance of another to help me through difficult times. What I feel most appreciate about my style of therapy is my openness, empathy, and dedication to assist with life’s obstacles, such as mental illness, emotional disturbance, abnormal behavior, and substance abuse. It is my pleasure to provide individual and couples therapy. Together we can accomplish anything! I am here to assist you with the development of your treatment, to provide a custom fit just for you and your therapeutic process. Are you ready to conquer your worries, depression, emotional issues, relationship concerns, and addictions? It won’t be easy, but everything worth having, takes hard work and determination. I know you are determined! No worries I will guide you through the process step by step. I have a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and licensed as a limited licensed professional counselor in the state of Michigan with over 15 years in the mental health field.

Angell Love-Jackson.jpg
Darlene Franklin.jpg

Angell Love-Jackson, LMSW


Angell is a CAADC graduate of Wayne State University.  She works with children, families, adults, adolescents and Juvenile Justice Youth.  Her experience is in CBT , play therapy, anger management techniques, behavior modification, managing ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Darlene Franklin, LLMSW


Darlene has more than thirty years of experience in human services and serving community. She responds to the needs of those from all cultural backgrounds and orientations. Originally from East Orange New Jersey, she served seven years in the United States Air Force. Franklin graduated from Wayne. State University, (Detroit, MI), where she completed her BSW and MSW and is a licensed LLMSW. She holds dual certification with ATMANA Coaching Academy as an Intuitive Coach and Life Coach. Franklin is also
a certified Reiki practitioner. 

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